Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Foggy Sunday Afternoon Walk

We managed to snatch an hour or so this afternoon to take a walk around Whitlingham Broad. We'd had a busy weekend at the guest house so breakfast had been busy.  Two dishwasher loads later, the kitchen was now clear, the guests who were checking out had gone and the rooms had been stripped ready for servicing.  We had new guests arriving and some other guests coming back to collect bags.  That left us a window of about 2 hours, not long enough to go far but ideal for a quick trip down to Whitlingham!

On top of that the sun was now finally breaking through the fog that had been hanging round all morning and there were blue skies above, so off we went.

Swans at Whitlingham Broad, NorwichNeedless to say, once we'd arrived, the weather changed pretty quickly and reverted to fog. 

But, we were not unhappy!  The fog rendered the scene into a soft focus beauty of calm and I found myself wishing that I'd brought my SLR camera as I was seeing photo opportunities at every turn.  But I hadn't, so I had to content myself with a few snapshots from my phone camera.

Swans and Geese at Whitlingham Broad, Norwich
We decided to walk along the path which goes around the broad, a walk of about 4.1/2 kilometers, quite a comfortable distance, about 45-60 minutes.

The broad is actually an artificial one, which started life as a gravel pit.  Over the time that we have lived in Norwich, we've watched the process of excavation and the creation of the broad.  Now, it looks like it's always been there and lots of birds have taken advantage of the environments and moved in.

It's in a country park/nature reserve just a mile or so from where we live and it's a favourite spot of ours. Within the park is a river, a broad, wooded areas, a nature reserve, meadows not to mention picnic areas, a cafe and a boating centre.  So there's pretty much something for everyone.  And compatible with the local wildlife.

Being a natural environment, it's different every time you go.

Fog at Whitlingham Broad Norwich
Fog at Whitlingham Broad, Norwich

This is definitely a spot worth visiting if you get the opportunity.

And this is where to find it!  You can see how new the broad is because it's actually not yet made its way on to Google maps.

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