About Me

I'm Elspeth, hello!

Before you ask (!), Elspeth is the Scottish form of Elizabeth, and I have a Scottish name because both of my parents are Scottish. I was also born in Scotland, but only lived there for 1 year. I was brought up in East Anglia, so I don't feel particularly Scottish. People sometimes call me Elsie for short.

I've been living in Norfolk for the past 14 years, since my husband and I left our jobs in London and bought our guest house here. We're right in the middle of Norwich city which means we can walk everywhere that we need to go and it's a great city with everything that we need. We love it here and can't imagine living anywhere else. We enjoy travelling but are probably happiest at home!

In Norfolk, there is a feeling of space. There are big skies and there are miles of uncrowded beautiful beaches all around us. The countryside is on the whole flat, you can see for miles, and there is a beauty about that too.

Our guest house is a very big part of our lives. We've spent the past 14 years, updating it and making it a place that our guests enjoy visiting. In running it, I've put a lot of my home-making skills into use, such as cooking, cleaning, decorating, sewing etc etc And then photography to photograph the end results! Fortunately for me, these are things that I love doing!

This blog is a place where I will post information about the things I love doing!
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